Gin Khao Tampines Safra (Outlet Exclusive Sino-Thai Cuisine) 淡滨尼战备军人协会Gin Khao (中泰料理专卖店)

It’s the perfect marriage of Thai and Chinese cuisine over at Gin Khao Tampines Safra (TS). Helmed by Head Chef, Chang Wing Fai, a seasoned veteran in the culinary scene with more than 40 years of experience in Chinese and Sino-Thai undertakings, HK Chef Chang pledges to reinterpret the flavours of Sino-Thai cuisine for the novelty-chasing Local market. The rest of the culinary team are aptly pooled with chefs trained in Sino-Thai cuisine. Newly minted on 27th April 2019, this 3,500 sqft Restaurant could accommodate up to 168 seaters and comes complete with hygge private dining areas and 10-seaters round tables, making it a perfect venue for gatherings and the likes.

在淡滨尼战备军人协会Gin Khao ,您能品尝到中式与泰式料理的完美搭配。由在烹饪领域持有超过40年丰富经验,其擅长中式与中泰式料理的香港主厨陈永辉领军,陈师傅誓要从新诠释这在新加坡罕见的料理风格,希望能带给本地的食客另一种不一样的味蕾体验。其余的烹饪团队成员也是由精通中泰料理的厨师们组成。这个通风, 3,500平方英尺,可容纳多达168个座位的餐厅于2019年4月27日正式开始营业。这家中泰餐厅配有专用的私人套房和一桌桌”食桌” 式的圆桌, 令其成为各类聚会的理想举办场所。

Our Offerings 我们的佳肴

Taste the best of both worlds over at Gin Khao Tampines Safra, besides Sino-Thai cuisine, we also offer contemporary Chinese cuisine. For those with more polished gustatory yearnings, Chef Chang is open to customisation of menu other than our standard offerings, on the premises that there is at least one to two weeks’ prior notice.  

Sino Thai Food has a strong Teochew heritage and is well known for its seafood and vegetable dishes, not relying heavily on flavouring but instead emphasizes on the freshness and quality of the ingredients (Our ingredients are sourced daily from Jurong Fishery Port) and of course on the chef’s culinary skills (i.e. the wok’s breath) to achieve its mesmerising taste.  For the health conscious, it is all the more appealing that Sino Thai cuisine uses oil sparingly and instead rely on cooking methods such as steaming, braising, stir-frying and poaching to bring out the intended taste.

Chef Chang stresses that the key to Sino Thai cuisine is achieving the delicate balance of sweet, spicy, sour and salty. Besides the usual soy sauce, Thai herbs and spices, unique condiments for Sino-Thai cuisine, includes the fervent use of Superior broth, reminiscence of a stock that always remains on the stove and is continuously replenished and Fish sauce.  The latter served as a flavouring agent in soups, a component of dipping sauces as well as seasonings for dishes.

Thai staples include our Green Curry Prawn Fried Rice served in Coconut Husk, Salted Egg Squid as well as our Tom Yum Hotpot. Complete the meal in delicate renditions with Sino-Thai desserts such as Red Ruby with Golden Tapioca or Thai Chendol with Coconut Gelato. For our Chinese offerings, which revolve around braised meat, steamed fishes, soups and vegetables, perennial specialities include our Steamed Black Cod With Superior Sauce, Braised Thai Fish Maw with Crab Meat and Wok Fried Chinese cabbage with Thai Fish Sauce. There is simply something for everyone at the table with healthier choice variants (usually vegetables) and even Chinese dishes with no MSG added.

在淡滨尼战备军人协会Gin Khao, 除了中泰菜式外,我们也有大家熟悉的中式料理。陈师傅更是勇于尝试, 让客人能依据自己的喜好额外拟定菜单,前提是必须在一至两周前就预先通知。中泰料理与潮州菜色有很深的渊源,以其海鲜和蔬菜菜肴而闻名。不单靠调味,而是强调食材的新鲜度与质量(我们每天都从裕廊渔港购取最新鲜的食材),当然也和大厨的烹饪功夫息息相关(如控制火候的技术)来烹制出一道道令人垂涎欲滴的美味佳肴。健康意识颇重的人定觉得中泰料理额外吸引人,其因是中泰料理着重于较健康的烹调方法,如蒸,炖,炒和水煮。


 我们的中泰招牌菜包括我们的青咖喱海鲜炒饭椰子煲,咸蛋苏东以及泰式酸辣虾火锅。我们的中泰式甜点也是独具一格的,如黄金木薯和洛崇椰子雪糕,吃上一口包你成主顾,嘴甜心也甜。我们的中式菜色以焖肉,蒸鱼,汤和蔬菜为主,招牌特色佳肴有港蒸鳕鱼, 红烧蟹肉鱼鳔煲和泰式鱼酱炒白菜。我们也供有更健康的中式食物选项,甚至也有些没添加味精的菜肴。